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Shepherd's Day in Arauca, Colombia

Shepherd's Day in Arauca, Colombia is held on July 25. This event in the third decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
25 July - Shepherd's Day in Arauca, Colombia
For several years in the department of Arauca the departmental day of the "llanero" has been celebrated on July 25, date that was institutionalized by Ordinance 038 of 2001, by the initiative of Diego Fermín Linares Castejón and other Araucanians who supported the proposal within the Departmental Assembly.
"On July 26 the ordinance passed and the last debate and it was approved, but something was missing and it was the legal part. Dr. Carlos Alberto Guerrero collaborated with us, but we did not have the signature of the governor at that time," said Luis Alberto.
After several procedures, they finally managed to obtain the signature of Federico Gallardo, governor at the time, and finally July 25 was established as the Departmental Day of the Llanero (Día departamental del Llanero).

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