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Apostle Santiago Day

Apostle Santiago Day is held on July 25. This event in the third decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
25 July - Apostle Santiago Day
Traditionally the feasts were held in honor of the Virgin del Rosario, although in 1973 they were replaced by a feast in honor of the Apostle Saint Santiago. Many city councils took it upon themselves to organize and sponsor these fiestas, which were born through the will and efforts of the people, in 1929. Until that time, they were prepared and paid for by the population. During the war their religious character became civil, and in 1939 they were restored as feasts in honor of the patron saint.
The first printed news of their existence dates back to 1899, when the newspaper Heraldo de Murcia reported on them.
The great feast of Santiago de Chuco is also celebrated on July 25 in Peru. It is the central day of celebrations in honor of the glorious apostle Santiago "El Mayor," the patron saint of the province. This has been the custom since 1610, when the city was founded, and tradition has affirmed it for nearly four centuries. Thus, the patron saint of Spain, whose center of veneration is in Santiago de Compostela, founded his overseas headquarters in the Andean remnant of the later department of La Libertad during the time of the Viceroy.

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