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Reconquista Festival in Spain

Reconquista Festival in Spain is held on July 17. This event in the second decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
17 July - Reconquista Festival in Spain
Orihuela, in the province of Alicante, celebrates in mid-July the Feast of the Reconquest, which commemorates the entry of Christian troops in the thirteenth century, and his triumph over the Saracens. In this celebration there are parades of Moors and Christians, which fill the city with color, colorfulness, joy and music. Declared of National Tourist Interest in 2017, the festivities fill the streets of the city with color, splendor and majesty, with solemn parades, the guerrilla of gunpowder or the acts programmed in relation to the Glorious Oriol. History and Legend are intermingled in the celebration of the festival, which is institutionalized from the year 1400.
The Reconquest of the city and its passage to the Christian world is a complex historical phenomenon in which both the Crown of Castile and the Crown of Aragon were involved. In 1266 James I the Conqueror put down the Mudejar uprising by taking the city for his son-in-law King Alfonso X of Castile.
Legend tells how the governor of the castle of Orihuela, Bezaddon, set out to put to the sword the Christians living in the Mozarabía del Arrabal Roig, except for his son's wet nurse, called Armengola, her husband and her two daughters. Armengola alerted the Christians revealing the plan and, going up to the citadel accompanied by her husband and two robust young men dressed in the clothes of her daughters, they put the Saracen guard to the sword. Saints Justa and Rufina appeared in the form of stars on the keep to illuminate the fray. The troops of James I of Aragon, who were in the vicinity, took the city the next day, July 17, feast of the saints.

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