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International Lifeguard Day

International Lifeguard Day is held on June 24. This event in the third decade of the month June is annual. Help us Help us 
24 June - International Lifeguard Day
It was the year 1859 when a man witnessed the war of Solferino; an inhuman war that was not very different from other wars, where men confronted each other, and where winning was the mission and killing the enemy was the objective.
Seeing and living this panorama, this man had the initiative, in a disinterested way, to help his fellow man and with the help of people close to the conflict zone, among them, men, women and children, they helped all the wounded and dying, without distinction of the side they were fighting for and the ideology they had. All were treated equally.
The name of this man was Henry Dunant of Swiss origin, who 3 years after the battle (1862), wrote a book entitled "A Memory of Solferino" whose narration would give birth to an International Relief Movement of humanitarian aid, which would later be recognized worldwide as the Red Cross.
That is why every June 24, the International Movement of the Red Cross with the International Day of the Red Cross, commemorates the people who helped all those victims and the many unprotected, who need help and that are more and more, in the world.

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