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Cousin's Day

Cousin's Day is held on June 9. This event in the first decade of the month June is annual. Help us Help us 
9 June - Cousin's Day
Primo and Feliciano were brothers who suffered martyrdom around 297 during the persecution of Diocletian. The Martyrologium Hieronymianum (ed. G. B. de Rossi-L. Duchesne, 77) notes on June 9 the names of Primo and Feliciano who were buried at milepost number 14 on the Via Nomentana (near Normento, now Mentana).
They were evidently originally from Normento. This news comes from the catalog of Roman martyrs of the 14th century AD.
Because one of the brothers was named Primo (which in Spanish is Cousin), June 9 is celebrated as Cousin's Day (Día del Primo) in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

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