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Feast of Virgen de los Mártires in Íscar

Feast of Virgen de los Mártires in Íscar is held on May 13. This event in the second decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
13 May - Feast of Virgen de los Mártires in Íscar
The first written mention of Íscar takes place in the year 939, when the Muslim chronicles relate the path followed by the troops of Abderramán III to destroy the first Christian settlements to the south of the Duero: "... moving then to Hins that was found abandoned, they razed it and devastated the properties of its people...".
The celebration of the feast of Santa María de los Mártires, patron saint of the Valladolid town of Íscar, is the result of the confluence of diverse religious and profane traditions, some of ancestral character.

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