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Tortilla Day or Saint Joan's Day in Spain

Tortilla Day or Saint Joan's Day in Spain is held on March 9. This event in the first decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
9 March - Tortilla Day or Saint Joan's Day in Spain
The day of the tortilla is a popular holiday celebrated in several Spanish municipalities. In some of them it coincides with the day of the beginning of the carnival, that is to say, with the Thursday Lardero. It is customary for the inhabitants of the municipality to make a pilgrimage to a traditional area in the town itself or nearby to spend the day, usually in the countryside outside the urban center. It is customary to take as food at least the tortilla that gives its name to the festivity, usually a potato omelet, either alone or in a sandwich. Depending on the locality or Spanish province, the activities that take place during this festivity are different, according to the tradition of each municipality.
Popular pilgrimage of local character in honor of Santa Juana that is celebrated in the natural environment of Valdeserrano. Among the inhabitants of Fuenlabrada this day is popularly known as 'Día de la Tortilla'.

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