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Wintering Birds Day in Russia

Wintering Birds Day in Russia is held on January 15. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
15 January - Wintering Birds Day in Russia
Every year on January 15, the all-Russian ecological holiday "Day of wintering birds of Russia" is held. This day was established in memory of the writer Evgeny Nosov, on his birthday (died June 14, 2002). After reading the poem of his friend and poet A. Yashin "Feed the birds in winter", every autumn Evgeny Nosov started putting up bird feeders and distributing leaflets, featuring the poem, to encourage residents of his home town to feed the birds.
After the writer's death a campaign "Feed the birds!" was conducted for the first time in the Irkutsk region in the winter of 2002-2003. Finally, in January 2003, the action was joined by Kursk, the writer's home town. Then the residents of Irkutsk proposed to declare January 15 - the birthday of Evgeny Nosov - as the Day of wintering birds of Russia and to include it in the Russian ecological calendar. The Russian Bird Conservation Union supported this initiative, and the Day of Wintering Birds was included in the calendars of ecological holidays.

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