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International Chardonnay Day

International Chardonnay Day is held on May 23. Celebrated on the Thursday before U.S. Memorial Day each year thanks to the creator Rick Bakas. This event in the third decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
23 May - International Chardonnay Day
The Chardonnay grape variety produces some of the world's most popular white wines, in styles that range from rich and oaky to crisp, mouthwatering, and mineral. For many consumers, Chardonnay is synonymous with white wine. Chardonnay takes its name from the village of Chardonnay in the Mâcon region of Burgundy.
Chardonnay can taste different, depending on where it grows and how it's made. But typically, Chardonnay is a dry, medium- to full-bodied wine with moderate acidity and alcohol. Its flavors range from apple and lemon to papaya and pineapple, and it also shows notes of vanilla when it's aged with oak.
Chardonnay was believed to be first planted in Chablis by the Cistercians at Pontigny Abbey in the 12th century. Today, the Chardonnay made in the Chablis region is one of the "purest" expression of the varietal character of the grape due to the simplistic style of winemaking favored in this region.

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