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Day of St. Sebastian in Rio de Janeiro

Day of St. Sebastian in Rio de Janeiro is held on January 20. It is celebrated with big festive processions that usually pass the streets of Tijuca, the Center, and the Glory. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
20 January - Day of St. Sebastian in Rio de Janeiro
January 20th is the day of Saint Sebastian, patron saint of the city of Rio de Janeiro, and all roads lead to the Basilica, where the main celebrations of the date take place.
According to historians, Sebastian was a Roman soldier, martyred for his faith in Jesus. He was even considered one of Emperor Diocletian's favorite officers, but, denounced for being a Christian, he was sentenced to death. Tied to a tree trunk, he was hit by arrows, but was saved. When he recovered, he again presented himself to the emperor, reproaching him for the injustices committed against the Christians, and received a new sentence for not denying his faith. He was flogged to death on January 20, 288 AD.
Sebastian of Narbonne is also the patron saint of soldiers, besides being considered a protector against hunger, plague, and war. In the religions of the African matrix, in Rio, he is syncretized with the Orixá Oxóssi, lord of hunting and abundance.

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