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Bolivian Woman's Day

Bolivian Woman's Day is held on October 11. Día de la Mujer Boliviana - the birthday of Adela Zamudio, a national pioneer in the fight against discrimination. This event in the second decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
11 October - Bolivian Woman's Day
October 11 was established as Bolivian Women's Day in honor of the birth of Adela Zamudio, a pioneer of feminism in Bolivia, who was also a writer, teacher and social fighter for Bolivian women.
Adela Zamudio, was a Cochabamba poet who was born in 1854 and since the enactment of Supreme Decree 17081, on October 2, 1979, during the government of former Bolivian president Lydia Gueiler Tejada, this date is commemorated.
President Lidia Gueiler instituted this celebration on October 11, 1980, in memory of Adela Zamudio.
As of this date, the contributions and ideals of Adela Zamudio are commemorated and the effort and dedication of the woman and her contribution to the family and society are recognized.

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