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International Day of Junk Food

International Day of Junk Food is held on July 21. This event in the third decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
21 July - International Day of Junk Food
Every year, the day allows us to eat foods that we normally donít eat on a daily basis. Have you ever wished for a day where you can eat absolutely anything you want? Eating junk food alters the brain activity in a way similar to addictive drugs do, such as cocaine and heroin. Lower income people eat more junk food than more affluent people.
The beginning of Junk Food Day is still unknown. National Junk Food Day is celebrated all over the United States. Junk food entered American culture with the introduction of packaged meals in the late 1800s. Thereís always that one coworker in the break room eating a healthy salad while youíre snacking on nachos. Pick whatever your heart desires and chow down. Today those calories donít count!

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