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National Dog Day in Argentina

National Dog Day in Argentina is held on June 2. Día Nacional del Perro. This event in the first decade of the month June is annual. Help us Help us 
2 June - National Dog Day in Argentina
Today marks National Dog Day, did you know why this date was chosen?
Because of Chonino, a German shepherd who in 1977 joined the Federal Police. He was trained as a security dog that could only go into action when there was a danger to life for both its drivers and innocent third parties.
On June 2, 1983, he was assigned for a patrol with two non-commissioned officers. A terrible firefight ensued and Chonino's master was wounded. In defense of guiding him, the dog lunged at one of the criminals. As he did so, the other bandit shot at him, fatally wounding him. This brave dog not only gave his life in defense of his companions, but in his mouth he carried a piece of pocket containing the assailants' documents. Thanks to this act, the thieves could be identified and arrested.
Chonino's remains currently rest in the Circle of the Argentine Federal Police. To remember him, inside the property there is a bronze statue and, in his honor, a passage in the Palermo neighborhood bears his name.

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