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Grandparents Day in Singapore

Grandparents Day in Singapore is held on November 26. Fourth Sunday in November. This event in the third decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
26 November - Grandparents Day in Singapore
While it is not as well known as Father’s or Mother’s Day, grandparents are a vital part of families, and they deserve a special day to honour them. The idea of Grandparents Day started about 40 years ago in the USA. Marian Mcquade, a self-described “housewife” who devoted much of her life advocating for older adults, wanted a day to affirm the importance of grandparents.
After campaigning for five years, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter finally made National Grandparents’ Day official. The world’s first Grandparents Day thus came into existence.
Singapore has also celebrated Grandparents’ Day since 1999, which is designated as the fourth Sunday of November. It is a time of celebration and appreciation; from caring for us as children when our parents were away at work to whipping up wonderful dishes for the household, their love for us is non-verbal, one that is shown instead through actions we understand.

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