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International Day of Light

International Day of Light is held on May 16. Initiated by UNESCO on November 14, 2017. This event in the second decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
16 May - International Day of Light
Light plays a central role in our lives. On the most fundamental level, through photosynthesis, light is at the origin of life itself. The study of light has led to promising alternative energy sources, lifesaving medical advances in diagnostics technology and treatments, light-speed internet and many other discoveries that have revolutionized society and shaped our understanding of the universe.

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International Day of Living Together in PeaceInternational Day of Living Together in Peace on May 16 (adopted by the UN on December 8, 2017);
World Embroidery Day or International Vyshyvanka DayWorld Embroidery Day or International Vyshyvanka Day on May 16 (Celebrated on the third Thursday of May. Festival of culture of the East Slavic traditional embroidered shirt. Usually, an embroidered shirt was made from a homemade cloth, which was woven on a loom);
Scratch DayScratch Day on May 16 (date for 2022);
World Endangered Species DayWorld Endangered Species Day on May 17 (This environmental date is celebrated on the third Friday of May);
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