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Saint Lucia Day

Saint Lucia Day is held on December 13. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and parts of Italy. Dedicated to Saint Lucia's independence from the United Kingdom in 1979. This event in the second decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
13 December - Saint Lucia Day
Saint Lucia is an island nation in the eastern Caribbean. On the western coast of the island are the picturesque cone-shaped volcanoes Gro Piton and Petit Piton. The island is famous for its volcanic sand beaches, great diving reefs off the coast, luxury resorts and fishing villages.
On December 13, St. Lucia's Day, the events are celebrated with nougat, crispy pastries, various treats and toys. Traditionally, this day is celebrated as the holiday of beautiful girls: it is they who are given nougat.

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