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Public Accountants Day in Ecuador

Public Accountants Day in Ecuador is held on November 13. Día Clásico del Contador Público - in honor of the first National Congress of Accountants in 1945 and the founding of the first Center for Higher Education in Accounting in 1959. This event in the second decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
13 November - Public Accountants Day in Ecuador
An accountant is capable of adding the satisfactions, multiplying them by the dreams, subtracting the disappointments and dividing in half those problems that are not important to your life.
On November 13, 1945, the First Congress of Accountants was held in Ambato, where the National Federation of Accountants was structured, this is the origin of this day of celebration.
Every November 13, in our country, is dedicated to commemorating the classic day of the Ecuadorian public accountant, a profession so dedicated and complex due to its responsibility in any organization, public or private, since administrative, civil or criminal responsibility will fall on it. in most cases it is caused by third parties.

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