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National Education Day in Ecuador

National Education Day in Ecuador is held on November 13. Established by National Decree No. 3290 of November 7, 2002. This event in the second decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
13 November - National Education Day in Ecuador
On November 13, it was declared as National Education Day, with the aim of promoting better knowledge and responsibilities, ensuring social respect, a greater expansion of opportunities for all. Today, November 13, the National Day of Education is celebrated, with the aim of promoting it as a human right, which ensures social respect and a greater expansion of opportunities.
This day was declared by former President Gustavo Noboa through Decree 3290 of November 7, 2002 "for the defense and promotion of the right to education of children and young people in Ecuador and for the improvement of the quality of education"
Thank you teachers and administrators who contribute to making education an inherent part of each student. Thanks also to you parents and representatives, for giving your little ones the best of gifts, a quality education.

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