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Vodici in Macedonia

Vodici in Macedonia is held on January 19. Baptism of Jesus Christ. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
19 January - Vodici in Macedonia
According to Orthodox beliefs, Vodici (also known as the Baptism of Jesus Christ) represents the day when St. John the Baptist baptizes Jesus Christ in Jordan. The baptism in the Orthodox Church represents a spiritual birth and beginning of the human life in faith.
The celebrations have two segments and last two days – the first one on 19th January is named “Mashki Vodici” (Male Vodici), and the second on 20th January is named “Zhenski Vodici” (Female Vodici). Historically, in Skopje there was a custom that on these days the sons-in-law and their first-born sons, as well as the daughters-in-law and their first born daughters, respectively, were bathed in the river Vardar and sprayed with holy water by a priest.
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