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What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day is held on March 3. This event in the first decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
3 March - What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day
Imagine a world where our beloved furry companions had thumbs. They're smiling because they have fingers, and now we're in trouble! Is it really a holiday to be thankful that our pets don't have our gripes?
The majority of cats can happily coexist with a dog if they are given time to comfortably get to know each other. If a puppy and kitten are raised together, they generally will learn right away to tolerate each other, and some cats and dogs grow to be real friends, even playing and napping together. But what would happen if they had fingers like a human?
Each paw has at least four small digital pads, often nicknamed "toe beans" for their appearance. The digital pads and the larger metacarpal (foreleg) and metatarsal (hind leg) pads help support the cat's weight. Cats also have a carpal pad on the backside of each front leg.
We don't call them fingers or toes, but if you take a look at your dog's feet you'll find that on their back legs they usually have four “toes” and on their front feet they most often have five “fingers”. Some dogs have an extra nail on the upper, inner part of their front feet and that is called a dewclaw.

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