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Get a Different Name Day

Get a Different Name Day is held on February 13. This event in the second decade of the month February is annual. Help us Help us 
13 February - Get a Different Name Day
Get a Different Name Day is a day for all those who are not very fond of their birth name. On this day you can choose a different name, just make sure you tell everyone so they can address you correctly.
You certainly wouldn't be alone. People change their names for a variety of reasons. And the legal process for doing so may be easier than you think. If you were born with a name you just don’t like, then Get a Different Name Day is the day for you!
Every year around 35,000 Australian adults legally change names. Easy Name Change surveyed 1,389 respondents from 2011 to 2019 for ‘The 2020 Australian Name Change Survey’. The survey reveals that 81% of those legally changing names agree or strongly agree they are happier, followed by 80% having a stronger sense of identity and 70% being more confident.

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