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American Touch Tag Day

American Touch Tag Day is held on October 8. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
8 October - American Touch Tag Day
Ten high school friends who bonded over the Tag game in the 1980s have kept it going for many decades. The game is fundamentally similar to the regular Tag, where one player is ‘it’ until he tags someone else but with a few twists.
There are no geographic restrictions, and there’s even a legally binding “Tag Participation Agreement” signed by all the players. The players form alliances, dress up in disguises, hide in trunks, fly around the country and enlist their wives as spies. They’ve even inspired a movie called ‘Tag.’
Tag has its own National holiday in the US known as the American Touch Tag Day. This traditional childhood game is celebrated on October 8th to encourage kids of all ages to go out and play. The main reason the day is dedicated to the game is to honor its time-tested existence.
There’s no better way to observe it than to participate in a game of touch Tag. The day calls for you to go outdoors, get together with friends and run around no matter your age. It can involve your whole family and entire neighborhoods!

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