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Put on Your Own Shoes Day

Put on Your Own Shoes Day is held on December 6. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
6 December - Put on Your Own Shoes Day
From the earliest times, shoes were made with an important function in mind: to protect the bottoms of the feet. But as society evolved, shoes found their place as costume and ceremony. Some shoes stand out more than others. In 1917, Henry Nelson McKinney - advertising executive at the company NW Ayer & Sons - coined the word sneaker. He came up with the idea because the rubber sole made no sound. In 1945, Dr. Klaus Marten - then a 25-year-old soldier - broke his foot. In response, he designed a prototype shoe with air cushioned soles instead of the traditional leather ones. In the 1970s, the iconic boot was incorporated into the punk subculture.
Perhaps, Put On Your Own Shoes Day was designed by a parent with small children as a means to encourage them to begin learning how to put on and tie their shoes.

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