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Wear Brown Shoes Day

Wear Brown Shoes Day is held on December 4. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
4 December - Wear Brown Shoes Day
This day was established to give brown shoes all the respect and recognition they deserve.
Because brown can be described as everything from dark chocolate to light tan, it can make your shoes very versatile depending on what color you get. Brown shoes look great with just about every color of suit, especially navy, grey and blue.
In general, brown shoes are less formal than black shoes. Stick with black shoes for formal occasions, and opt for brown shoes for more casual events, like an outdoor wedding or a typical day at the office.
Things have certainly evolved, and brown shoes are now considered a sign of beauty and elegance. This holiday is for you to honor and celebrate your brown shoes by showing them off as you venture through the day.

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