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World Button Day

World Button Day is held on November 16. This event in the second decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
16 November - World Button Day
An interesting holiday, which professional tailors and their attentive customers are sure to guess about, and maybe even know about, is "World Button Day", celebrated annually on November 16. The wine was founded by the American organization National Button Society, started in 1938, back in the 20th century.
Some of us sometimes do not even notice how important this element of our clothing is for us, because without it everything would be much more difficult. The earliest buttons, or objects similar to modern buttons, were not used for what we use them for now - purely as ornaments, not for fastening. Ties, laces, products made of plants and animal bones were used for fastening, as pins. A button was a kind of luxury item that performed not only decorative functions, but also carried a certain informational value.
Thanks to the efforts of master craftsmen, in world practice such a product as a button has long become a collector's item, and some unique specimens are even museum exhibits. There are quite large collections of buttons of various types in museums in Sweden, the USA, Poland and the Czech Republic. One of the largest private collections is believed to belong to the American Stevens, who lives in the town of Bishopville (South Carolina). He started collecting his collection back in 1983. According to other data, the largest collection of buttons in the world (about 100,000 copies) was collected in another American city - New Jersey. In Sweden, for example, the basis of the collection of fasteners in the Stockholm Museum was a set of more than 40,000 buttons donated by one of the local church pastors.

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