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Tongue Twister Day

Tongue Twister Day is held on November 12. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. This event in the second decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
12 November - Tongue Twister Day
These deliberately difficult expressions were popular in the 19th century. The popular "she sells seashells" tongue twister was originally published in 1850 as a diction exercise. The term tongue twister was first applied to this kind of expressions in 1895. One particularly old and well-known tongue twister dates back to at least 1836, if not earlier. It appeared in Peter Piper's Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation.
"Pad kid poured curd pulled cod." A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have dubbed this tongue twister the world's most difficult. "If anyone can say this (phrase) 10 times quickly, they get a prize," said Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, an MIT psychologist.
Tongue twisters are important because they combine two things that help humans learn. They combine repetition and they can find an element of surprise and fun.

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