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World Password Day

World Password Day is held on May 5. First Thursday of May. This event in the first decade of the month may is annual.
5 May - World Password Day
It seems the younger generation doesn’t pay much attention to password security. A survey says 30% of teens have shared a password.
Nearly 30% of the users reuse the same password on multiple accounts. People are 3 times more likely to use their pet’s name as password rather than that of a family member. Nearly 80% of the cloud services allow users to set up weak passwords.
Saving passwords in the web browser isn’t a very smart move
A person usually changes the password every 2.5 to 3 years.
Hacking attempts using brute force or dictionary attacks increased. It will take it only 5.5 hours to go through all the possible 8-character options, including numbers, upper- and lower-case characters, and symbols.

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