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Take it in the Ear Day

Take it in the Ear Day is held on December 8. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
8 December - Take it in the Ear Day
The origins of the day are as mysterious as the meaning of the clause. From improved health to better sleep, copping an attitude of gratitude makes every day a celebration.
Bizarre celebrations like Take it in the Ear Day (December 8) or Humiliation Day (January 6) are but a tiny sample of the thousands of opportunities Americans can seize to celebrate…well…anything.
This odd holiday lacks a definite history, and every internet source we consulted was just as baffled as we were. It is up to anyone to find an individual way to celebrate Take it in the Ear Day.
Most likely you should be taking something in your ear figuratively today. Listen to some music or a podcast, or have a conversation with someone. But, since there is no consensus on how to celebrate, how you do so is open to interpretation.

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