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Bridge Day

Bridge Day is held on October 21. It is an annual one-day festival in Fayetteville, Fayette County, West Virginia, United States. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
21 October - Bridge Day
The first public event on the Bridge was the 1977 dedication ceremony organized by then-Governor Jay Rockefeller. This dedication gave the public a chance to walk out onto the historic super structure. The estimated crowd of about 30,000 people was far more than had been anticipated.
The New River Gorge Bridge is the world's second-longest single arch bridge and was opened on October 22, 1977. The first Bridge Day was held on November 8, 1980 when two people parachuted from a plane onto the bridge. 5,500 people walked across the bridge, too.
In the German language, a bridge-related term is also used: a day taken off from work to fill the gap between a holiday Thursday (or Tuesday) and the weekend is called a Brückentag ("bridge day") in Germany and Switzerland, and a Fenstertag ("window day") in Austria.

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