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February 2 Events

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Marmot Day in Alaska

Marmot Day in Alaska is held on February 2. This event in the first decade of the month february is annual.
2 February - Marmot Day in Alaska
Marmots are most active in the daylight hours.
The Alaska marmot is a large, ground-dwelling rodent. It is well-suited to digging. It is a black and white color. Sofer fur; it is also a white patch on the snout. In addition, the dorsal guard hair has a tri-colored banding pattern, feet are lighter in color, and the ventral color appears dark gray. The incisors are sharp and chisel-like and grow indefinitely throughout life, which is characteristic of rodents. The thumbs up of the limbs have a flat nail, The Alaska marmot is a hot-pitched warning signal.

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