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Inane Answering Message Day

Inane Answering Message Day is held on January 30. This event in the third decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
30 January - Inane Answering Message Day
The first answering machine was created by Joseph Zimmerman, a Milwaukee native, who had the idea for the invention after he spoke with an air conditioning and heating specialist who told him he did not want to leave his office because he had no secretary to take his phone calls.
Many claim the answering machine was invented by William Muller in 1935, but it may already have been created in 1931 by William Schergens whose device used phonographic cylinders. Ludwig Blattner promoted a telephone answering machine in 1929 based on his Blattnerphone magnetic recording technology.
Above all, answering machines made it possible to be continuously available. This certainly made telephone calling more convenient, but it also introduced new social burdens. It was no longer possible to ignore or dodge incoming calls.

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