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National Lager Day in USA

National Lager Day in USA is held on December 10. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
10 December - National Lager Day in USA
Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the world behind water and tea. The term "lager" comes from the German for "storage", as the beer was stored before drinking – traditionally in the same cool caves it was fermented in. The original German lager was dark in color.Most lagers are fairly light in color, highly carbonated with a medium hop flavor. The defining difference between these two families of beer is yeast. Ale yeast ferments faster, at warmer temperatures, and adds more flavor. Lager yeast is slower, enjoys the cold, and instead of adding fruity or spicy flavors, provides a blank canvas for the hops and barley to shine.
By most historical accounts, lager beer first appeared in Bavaria in the 1400s, perfected by monks who would store their suds in icy alpine caves over the summer. But a new find on the Chile-Argentine border, suggests that isn't the case. Researchers found traces of the yeast used to make lager beer in residues inside 1,000-year-old ceramic vessels that held fermented beverages, reports Liam Miller at NBC News. If confirmed, the find would mean that Lager beer can trace its origins back to South America, rather than Germany.
King Gambrinus is known as the “patron saint of beer”. Some years after Deulin published Contes d’un buveur de bière, American playwright and blackface minstrel Frank Dumont wrote a loose variation on the story "Cambrinus, Roi de la Bière". In this musical burlesque, titled Gambrinus, King of Lager Beer, Gambrinus is a poor woodcutter to whom Belzebub gives a recipe for an excellent lager beer.

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