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Amazon Rainforest Day

Amazon Rainforest Day is held on September 5. This event in the first decade of the month September is annual. Help us Help us 
5 September - Amazon Rainforest Day
The Amazon rainforest covers an enormous 6.7 million square kilometres. An estimated 400 billion trees stand in the Amazon. It's not really the lungs of the earth. The vast majority of the oxygen we breath actually comes from microorganisms throughout the world’s oceans. 10% of all the world's wildlife is found in the Amazon. Quite a few humans live there too. The Amazon is home to over 30 million people, including almost 3 million indigenous people. It's disappearing at an alarming rate.
Tropical rainforests cover less than 3% of the planet, yet they are home to more than half our planet's terrestrial animal species. Bengal tigers, mountain gorillas, orangutans, jaguars, and blue poison dart frogs are just a few of the magnificent animals found in rainforests.

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