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Father's Day in Tonga

Father's Day in Tonga is held on May 19. Third Sunday in May. This event in the second decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
19 May - Father's Day in Tonga
This is a great treat for the family because they get to feast like royalty two Sundays in a row.
The Tongan translation for father is tamai. Unlike the traditional definition of a father, the term tamai not only refers to one’s biological male parent, but also to the father’s brothers, and his male cousins. If a child’s father neglects his fatherly duties, it is the responsibility of the father’s brothers and/or male cousins to step in and fulfill the father’s roles for the child. Therefore, a Tongan child can never say he or she is ta’e tamai, meaning without a father. Although if someone in Tonga is mostly without male parents in his home, he never considers himself fatherless.

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