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Mississippi Statehood Day

Mississippi Statehood Day is held on December 10. 1817. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
10 December - Mississippi Statehood Day
Of Mississippi's 82 counties, Yazoo County is the largest and Alcorn County is the smallest. The Mississippi River is the largest in the United States and is the nation's chief waterway. Its nickname is Old Man River.
Since Mississippi State’s beginning, every accomplishment, every breakthrough, every idea – great or small – has been fueled by an unwavering determination to make a difference. From a comprehensive set of educational options and groundbreaking research to award-winning service initiatives and an environment that embraces intellectual and creative freedom, the Mississippi State experience is transforming and empowering communities throughout the world.
Root beer was invented in Biloxi in 1898 by Edward Adolf Barq, Sr.

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