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Broadcasting Day in Japan

Broadcasting Day in Japan is held on March 22. On March 22, 1925, Japan's first broadcaster took to the airwaves. This event in the third decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
22 March - Broadcasting Day in Japan
The print and broadcast media have long been influential in Japan. Japan is home to one of the oldest existing printed works in the world, the Hyuakumantō darani (“Mantras of the Million Pagodas”), produced in 770 CE. Regular radio broadcasting in Japan began in 1926 with the establishment of the nonprofit Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (NHK; Japan Broadcasting Corporation). The first commercial radio stations began broadcasting in 1951. Regular television broadcasts by NHK began in 1953 and by commercial stations in 1955. Japan has been a pioneer in the development of high-definition television (HDTV).

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