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Chiapas State Day in Mexico

Chiapas State Day in Mexico is held on September 14. State date of foundation in 1824. This event in the second decade of the month September is annual. Help us Help us 
14 September - Chiapas State Day in Mexico
On September 14, 1824, the inhabitants of Chiapas formalized before the Mexican Congress their desire to be annexed to the new independent country as a federal state. Every September 14, this state celebrates one more year of its annexation to Mexico, of being part of our country. This incorporation was decided in that 1824 two days before, on the 12th, through a plebiscite where the idea of prosperity would mark an annexation where the Creole and mestizo classes would obtain, in the long run, privileges greater than those of the indigenous communities. While Chiapas was being annexed to the new Mexico, the resistance of the regional Mayan peoples kept pace with that of their counterparts in places like the Yucatan Peninsula.
Chiapas then had 104 towns, and 172,953 inhabitants were able to vote: 56% (96,829 people) voted in favor of annexation to Mexico; 35% (60,400), for joining Guatemala, and only 9% (15,724) chose to remain a free and sovereign nation. Thus, after a strangely democratic exercise for its historical moment, on September 14, 1824... Chipas formalized before the Mexican Congress its disposition to become a new federal state. Its quality as a State of the Mexican Republic was confirmed in the different subsequent constitutions, such as that of 1824 (first of the country, in article 5), that of 1857 (second title, section II, and article 43) and the one that governs the country today, that of 1917 (article 43).

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