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Unikeonpäivä in Finland

Unikeonpäivä in Finland is held on July 27. Sleeping Day. This event in the third decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
27 July - Unikeonpäivä in Finland
Every 27th of July is the National Sleepy Head Day in Finland. That means one thing: the last sleeping family member must be woken up with water.
How the water gets to the person (or how the person gets to the water) is a matter of style and personal choice. The victims of the Unikeonpäivä find themselves awakened by a bucket of water poured over their heads or by being carried over to a river, sea or lake and thrown in.
In the Middle Ages 6 Christians slept in a cave for 200 years. They ended up there hiding from a roman emperor and all they could do is sleep. The idea, and the tradition, is that if the Finns oversleep on that day, they’ll might end up sleeping 200 years as those Christians did.

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