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Wine Battle Memorial Day

Wine Battle Memorial Day is held on June 29. Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Malta, Peru, Rome Italy, Sao Paulo, Chile, Spain. This event in the third decade of the month June is annual. Help us Help us 
29 June - Wine Battle Memorial Day
The Haro Wine Battle (La Batalla del Vino de Haro) is a festival of National Tourist Interest that is celebrated in the Riojan town of Haro on the morning of June 29, the feast of San Pedro. It consists of soaking other participants in red wine until they are completely purple and takes place about six km north of the town of Haro, in the Riscos de Bilibio area, located next to the place known as Las Conchas, through which the Ebro makes its entrance in La Rioja.
Its origin is linked to the death of the patron saint of the city, San Felices de Bilibio in the 6th century, the local people began to visit the cave where his remains were found and thus the pilgrimage arose that over time became pilgrimage and that would give way to what we know today as the Battle of Wine.
The transformation of the pilgrimage into what is currently known as the "wine battle" has its origin in the revelry that was mounted during the lunch that the pilgrims had after attending mass in the hermitage. Abundant wine accompanied the feast, encouraging people to sing and play jokes with each other, such as staining their boots with the wine they had to drink. This was not to everyone's taste, so for several years the influx to the pilgrimage decreased, especially of women who did not want their dresses to be stained. In 1949, the rush of wine was already so common that it earned its first mention under the name of Battle of wine, gaining popularity over the years until achieving the influx of the current celebration, which annually attracts people from all over.
It was declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest in 2011.

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