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Constitution Day in Bolivia

Constitution Day in Bolivia is held on April 9. This event in the first decade of the month April is annual. Help us Help us 
9 April - Constitution Day in Bolivia
The Constitution establishes that Bolivia is composed as a Unitary Social State of Pluri-National Communitarian Law (Estado Unitario Social de Derecho Plurinacional Comunitario) that is free, independent, sovereign, democratic, inter-cultural, decentralized and with autonomies.
The current Constitution of Bolivia came into effect on 7 February 2009 when it was promulgated by President Evo Morales, after being approved in a referendum with 90.24% participation. The referendum was held on 25 January 2009, with the constitution being approved by 61.43% of voters.
Bolivia's constitutional history can be traced back to the first Constituent Assembly that founded Bolivia in 1825 and wrote its first constitution. The 1825 constitution established a centralized government with executive, legislative, and judicial branches based on the United States model.

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