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Terendez in Armenia

Terendez in Armenia is held on February 13. In pre-Christian times, the holiday was celebrated as a festival of awakening nature. After the adoption of Christianity, Terendez was tied to one of the main church holidays - the Presentation of the Lord. This event in the second decade of the month February is annual. Help us Help us 
13 February - Terendez in Armenia
In some celebrations, Terendez is permitted only on holy ground in the churches, but elsewhere families would light fires in their own yards. These families are generally those with a recently engaged daughter or whose children had recently married.
The celebration also dates back to pagan times in Armenia, when the belief that fire had cleansing and purifying powers was widely held. Although celebrated on the 14th of February outside of the republic, Diaruntarach or Terendez is observed on the 13th in Armenia.
During the celebration, the fire of Terndez symbolizes the coming of spring, bringing with it a mild climate, a rich harvest, and the blessing of newly married couples.
The church has replaced the old celebration with the new event. Nowadays some people especially fundamental Christians express their unease with fire and regard it as disrespectful to the Christian Faith because people rather turn around the fire and jump above it than enter the church during the ceremony.
After the fire is extinguished, dancing begins, and candles or lanterns are lit from the fire and taken by people to burn in their own homes. The ash of the fire is also considered of great importance and prepared as a drink for pregnant women or those suffering from illness.

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