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Tucindan is held on January 5. Serbia, Montenegro. This event in the first decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
5 January - Tucindan
Today, the Serbian Orthodox Church and believers celebrate Tucindan, the holiday before Christmas Day, when food is prepared for Christmas. Two days before Christmas, January 5, is Tucindan. On that day, pechenitsa is slaughtered and prepared for Christmas. Once upon a time, pechenitsa was "beaten" - it was killed with a pinch of salt, later with ax ears.
Tucindan is a national holiday that is celebrated two days before Christmas, i.e. the day before Christmas Day, and customs dictate that it is on this day that you should prepare the roast pork for Christmas.
The holiday was called Tucindan because once a pig or lamb was "beaten", i.e. hit with a grain of salt or an ax handle, and then, killed or stunned like that, it was slaughtered.
This custom is left over from pre-Christian, polytheistic times and is connected with offering a sacrifice, but the Orthodox Church accepted and blessed it, because after the six-week Christmas fast, stronger food comes in handy.

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