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Children's Day in Suriname

Children's Day in Suriname is held on December 5. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
5 December - Children's Day in Suriname
For years, Children's Day has been celebrated in Suriname on December 5 instead of the ancient Dutch Sinterklaas celebration (Sinterklaasfeest), which has slavery and colonial influences. Since 2019, in fact, the first National Children's Day (Nationale Kinderdagviering) celebration in Suriname has been taking place.
It promises to be a true feast where downtown Paramaribo will be transformed into a golden city for the children, with sports, games, children's games, dance and music performances. Prominent individuals who have a positive influence on the youth will also contribute.
In Independence Square, younger children will be kept busy with fosten pley, ball pit and bouncy castle, among other activities, while the slightly older group will enjoy an open stage in Church Square. The dance group The Mystikals will provide dance workshops for the youngsters.
The National Children's Day Celebration is not only for children from Paramaribo, the organization also expects children from Saramacca, Commewijne and Para.

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