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Day of Saudade in Brazil

Day of Saudade in Brazil is held on January 30. This event in the third decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
30 January - Day of Saudade in Brazil
On Saudade Day it is common to hear music about saudade and to spread poems and phrases about this feeling.
"Saudade" is an extremely complex word, full of meaning and very difficult to translate from Portuguese to other languages due to its precision. The word saudade is of Latin origin, from the word "solitatem", which means "solitude".
The lexicon "saudade" is unique to the Portuguese and Galician languages. A British company, with the collaboration of more than a thousand translators, has created a list of the most difficult words to translate around the world. The word "saudade" was considered the 7th most difficult word to translate into other languages.

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